Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hey! What’s up? How’s it going?

I’d like to start off with this. When I started my website I never intended to have a blog. I’m not much for journaling, jotting down thoughts, etc. I think I’ve been limiting myself by only posting things when I feel like I have some grand idea to share. I mean, who’d want to read someone’s random thoughts or half-baked ideas? Combine those two things and you’ve got a not so awesome blog. So I’d like to give this is blog thing another go. I can’t promise weekly posts, at least not yet, but I want to hold myself accountable to post more often. If there’s a topic you have questions about and would like me to explore, please share your ideas with me. And with that…

My name is Shel. I live in the Midwest with my boyfriend and two dogs (a beagle and beagle dachshund mix). Yoga is my thing. Like all of Yoga. I love teaching classes, I love talking philosophy, I love continuing to learn about Yoga, I love sharing Yoga with others. While I am a certified yoga teacher with some Yoga Alliance credentials, I still believe I am a student.

I like to describe myself as a people-positive, trauma informed Yoga teacher. My belief is that Yoga is for all people. All colors, shapes, sizes, gender identities, sexual orientations, education levels, financial status, degrees of trauma, mobility, etc. Empowerment is the focus of my classes. Each and every one of my students, each and every person has power, but life situations and societal practices would have us believe that isn’t true. When you are in my classes you are in control of your journey. My job is to facilitate and cultivate a space in which you can explore, respond, grow, and reconnect to your power.

I think that’s about it for now. Thanks for hanging around if you’ve been here for bit. Hello to anyone new.

Let’s buckle up and see where this road takes us!