Please, don’t.

*Around 2 a.m. one night I was struggling to sleep. The following is what came from my mind at that time.*

Please, don’t say you need to work on your beach body.

Please, don’t say, “I need to lose another 5 pounds.”

Please, don’t tear yourself down because you “failed” at or skipped your regular workout.

Please, don’t be mad at yourself for eating a cupcake or two and promise you’ll do better.

Please, don’t dismiss the messages your body is sending you.

Please, don’t disregard your emotions.

Please, don’t fall prey to beauty industry lies.

Please, don’t believe you are unworthy or broken.

Please, don’t stop wishing on stars.

Please, don’t forget you are made of stardust and contain all the magic you will ever need inside you.

Please. Don’t.