The Void: April’s New Moon

*I’m going to preface this post with the acknowledgement that I am in no way an expert in the Lunar Cycle or Astrology. Last August’s Total Solar Eclipse was an incredible event, which reignited my connection to the Moon and the night sky. The knowledge I share in regards to the Moon and her cycle is basic stuff I’ve learned so far.*

The Lunar Cycle is comprised of multiple phases. Some of the more widely known phases are New Moons and Full Moons. Today is the New Moon for April coming off of the Full Moon on March 31st.

The New Moon is both the end and the beginning of a Lunar Cycle. It is a time when the Moon in invisible to the eye creating a moonless night sky. Because of this we’re in a moment that can be viewed as nothingness, darkness, silence, a blank slate, a void. This moment is like the pause at the end of the exhale before the lungs begin to draw breath in again. (Take a moment to observe your breath. Can you feel the space between exhale and inhale?) However, this space doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Within this void there is release and creation, surrender and control, rest and action.

This is a time when some people feel called to draw inward to visit their shadowside or darkness to examine and evaluate what is found there, release that which no longer has purpose or serves, and create new intentions or beginnings. While some can embrace this experience freely, there are many people who avoid such things.

Think about how voids show up in your life. Are you ever excited to pause? Do you embrace the stillness? Or does stillness make your cringe? Do you try to find something to fill the empty time slot because you feel lazy or guilty about not being “productive” all the time? Why is stillness considered unproductive? If a room becomes quiet, do you feel compelled to speak? Why is that? What would happen if you let the stillness or the silence envelop you? What would happen if you turned inward, cleared a plot, tilled some soil, and planted some internal seeds?


2 Replies to “The Void: April’s New Moon”

  1. Sometimes I crave silence – no music, no TV, no talking. Working in my garden and talking with myself in my mind. Until I have to yell at my dog for eating something.
    We as a society are obsessed with “filling” voids, kids always have to be stimulated or doing some activity. Whatever happend to just laying in the grass and watching the clouds?

    1. You’re right society is obsessed. It’s obsessed with being the best, and it views anything that doesn’t have “masculine” qualities as weakness. Drawing inward, being gentle, softness, resting are seen as “feminine” qualities, and therefore, “bad.” I have many students who avoid the “gentler” classes. They prefer to “hard” yoga classes, but what they don’t realize is the gentle classes are just as important as the complicated classes. Many people are also afraid of doing internal work. It’s scary to face ones issues and hold conversations with them.

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